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The Final War

By Cody

Chapter I: The Beginning
I find myself alone in a dark forest. The wind slowly caresses the trees as it cools down my world. The cold mist sits ever so slightly above the ground, blocking my view. I slowly get up as I hear a high pitched scream. As I get closer the screams get louder and more panicked. I run as fast as I can as my world becomes a blur or greens and blacks. I get to the source of the sound as I find a young girl laying on the ground, with seven cuts on her chest, it looks as though she was tortured, and she is bleeding profusely. I can tell by the smell of her blood that she is Vampire and is a threat. Oh, by the way if you did not know I am a werewolf.

Even though this girl is a threat, I help her anyway. When my pack finds me I get in trouble for helping the enemy but I do not care as I can feel a strange connection to this girl. The girl’s name was Lydia.

Chapter II: The Warning
Once she heals I help her up. We sit together on the cold earth beneath us, I ask her what she is doing. She says that she has a mission to deliver me a message. She says that the message says: “The world as you know it will change, you are in danger, and the war for the element begins soon. You are the only one who holds the balance of the war in their hands. Find the element, or the world will be destroyed.” “what Element”, I ask, she says the most rare cross-breed ever, VAMWOLVES.

“Vamwolves?” I ask, “yes, Vamwolves, the rarest creature on the planet.

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