Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By Francesca

By Francesca Jones
What? Why? Very Funny! I have lost count of how many times people have said these 4 words to me in past weeks. It’s been since I have started to talk to people about why I feel depressed, sad and lonely but fairies and pixies don’t seem to know what this is like because they always ask what I’m talking about or if I’m joking.
I haven’t always felt like this it’s just been since my parents died. It was a hard time for Spud and I since the accident and we still don’t go near any kind of dwarves for fear of being lured into their workshop again. Father decided to take the family on an outing to the dwarven caves so that we could all possibly learn something. But mum didn’t enjoy it at all we could all see it in her beautiful big purple eyes but the sand bag had fallen from the roof and struck mum and dad leaving us to think that the dwarves had done it to get us out.
One day I was walking out in the fields with my problems and I heard a faint thudding it sounded just like a heart beat the one that I suddenly came aware
of in me temples. It seemed to be getting closer then it stopped... A bunny poked it head out of the bush; it had a harsh look on its face like I had interrupted his lunchtime bounce this wasn’t a bunny to cross.
“Hello little girl what’s your rush? You’re missing all the flowers.” He said is a beautiful English accent I hadn’t heard in these parts before.
“Oh hello mister rabbit I’m sorry for intruding on your lunchtime bounce.” “Oh it pleasures to meet such a pretty little fairy like you. Where are you headed?”
“Well I usually take a walk at this time hoping to come across someone who is looking to hire a maid of some sort so that I could make a bit of money.” The bunny’s ear pricked like I had hit a point of interest.
“Well my dear I have a big house in need of some cleaning if you are interested?”
I felt like tiny fireworks were going off inside of me this was a chance to get away from the people who didn’t understand me and be with someone who would pay me to work in a beautiful house.
“Okay.” I said coming off quite flustered.
“Excellent follow me...”
The Rabbits house looked unappealing when we walked in and the smell was horrendous. He showed me where all of the cleaning supplies were but didn’t show me to a room to sleeping he just directed me to a couch. After a few weeks of working for the rabbit I would have seen him only 4 times he locked the door to the library and went to bed very late.
Working at the mansion did nothing to lift my spirits in fact it probably made them worse all I did was cook and clean and I slept about 3 hours each night and was woken to the sounds of creaking doors and speaking floor boards. One day when I was cleaning to windows it started raining but I look away about 5 metres and it was sunny.
Then I started cleaning the ‘Basement’ that I thought look like dungeon when I heard a scream....

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