Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By Connor

now, when you read the text below, you will think its is all but fiction, but i tell you this that it is all true and really happened, so sit back and listen carefully at what i have to say.

it was a beautiful Monday morning, the sun shining through my window, the birds chirping, the whole neighborhood was alive with happiness, how better to start a morning? Well, to be honest, i wasn't going that good for me, as i had Monday-istis. what is this you ask? Well, this meant that i really didn't want to go to school so i faked to be sick so i could trick my parents into thinking i was actually sick and let me stay home. but i wasn't an amateur at this, i really knew how to fake it when i had to. so for a start, before my family woke, i went into the kitchen and found some pea soup, as pea soup best represent vomit. i then went back to my room and spilled it all over my bed,of which once my parents came in, they automatically said no school today, and with that, they left for work.

i sat down for a while wondering, why did they give in so easily, they had never done that before. but i didn't dwell on it, and i went into the lounge room, this was where my Xbox was for i was going to spend the whole day playing video games.

i sat down and turned on my gaming console, when all of a sudden, i heard a knock at the door. this startled me and i waited,and yet again there was another knock at the door, only louder, so i got up and opened the door, only to be whacked on my head with a baseball bat. i was out cold.

i woke up, my head pounding with pain, with my hands tied behind my back. i was sitting on an old wooden chair, in a dark and eerie room, with a ever so faint pitter patter of a water drop, every now and then. i struggled, to try and get out of captivity, but it was futile. then, all of a sudden, i hear a voice, a deep and croaky voice. it said with an angry tone "where is it". i replied "where am i, who are you and what do you want with me" only to get the same angry question, but in an even more angrier tone....

hey guys, this is all i have for now, but i am putting it up because i want to read how you would continue this story. i dont mind you copying what i said, and, if brian falkner is reading this, i would like to see how you would resume the passage above. also feel free to change the title guys but be sure to mention me in the credits, thanx, Connor.

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