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Llalaria (This is what I did for school)

By Cameron Henderson

“Liona, no, no!!!”
Mum’s always giving me a hard time about going to a real school not home. And today was no exception: “Emma, real schools have friends and classrooms in the real world, not orcs or castles in Llalaria” She would always complain. Before the class started her phone rang. Something about dads roach infestation in his zoo. “Right chapters 8-10 in your maths book.” She ordered. She rushed to the car revved the engine and zoomed of. Going against her orders I opened my laptop and checked my kingdom. Something was wrong; half of my kingdoms were a red black sort of colour and horrifying tentacles that were swarming the place suddenly; a jade claw clutched my arm and dragged me in to the game. Where I awoke in a beautiful field of blue orchids. It was my main kingdom and in front of me was a beautiful lion warrior. Liona my character. “Hello Emma, how are you?” she asked. I startled to my feet. A horrible swarm of tentacles were coming from behind her. “Hurry there’s not much time.” She said as she pulled me away. We arrived at her palace where she explained that the tentacles were a virus from the under demons. I had to retrieve the jade dragon’s stone from her sword and bring it to the heart of the virus without it getting evilised. “Evilise” I asked puzzle. “The reason all is turning dark.” I took the dragons stone and we set off to the heart. We travelled cautiously for 3 days until something horrible happened; I was shoved off by a red Liona on a demon horse. “Liona, no, no!!!” A jumped to my feet advoiding tentacles until a man appeared. “Who are you?” I asked. “My Name’s Jack. From Jade High… Look out.” He pushed me to the side then a tentacle wrapped it around him. He started glowing. I saw the centre and slammed the stone in. A green light flashed and I passed out. I awoke to my bed with my mum looking at me. “Listen this isn’t working. Final question do you want to go to school or not?” Thinking I would say no she turned around to go. “Yes” I replied. “Jade high Ok?” I asked. “Of course it is sweetie.”

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