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The Mirror

By Halle

The Mirror

Christmas, what an awesome time to have fun, play with friends and meet really , really old relatives. Well not in my house. Oh, I almost forgot, my name is Lucy, Lucy Johnson. Now before we continue you must know one tiny little thing, my house is haunted. Now if you like a good comedy well stick around because you are about to get one.

12 days before christmas and it could not get any worse. No christmas presents under the tree and one dog who thinks he can pee inside because of the tree. Enough about that; lets get back to business ‘‘AH’’ screamed Lucy. Oh don't worry just my silly brother Luke ‘’HA HA, got you’’ yelled Luke. Anyway lets go into my room its a bit messy but who cares. “Lucy don't forget to clean your room darling’’ softly yelled Lucy ’s mother. Don’t mind her she has gone a little coo-coo since she found out are house was haunted.

5 days until christmas still no presents, and now my dog has started pooing under the tree and guess who has too clean it up… me I know me, don't you just think that sounds crazy? Thats meant to be a boys job well thats what I think.

“LLLLLLUUUUUUUKKKKKKKEEEEEEEE!”Why is there a bag of poo in my sock draw’’ angrily yelled Lucy “I don't know” Luke reapplied smartly. Anyway whats that, I have never seen that before, it looks like a mirror. Maybe its an elusion you know haunted house and everything. Lets go and check it out to see if it is an elusion or not it does not look like it though, “AHHHHHH”she screamed at the top of her lungs, as she was falling through the mirror. All she could see were swirls all around her.

In one split second she was in standing in a room and right above her near the roof it said 5 days later, like I was in a movie or something, she suddenly thought its Christmas day, but under the christmas tree there was not 1 present, there was 400 she was amazed. Then there came a deep voice from behind her “Lucy dear would like to open one of your presents” said a man. She swiftly spun around it was…her,… Dad.

Lucy suddenly realised she was not in her house anymore. “Lucy what do you think of your new house?” said Lucy’s father “What” replied Lucy “ Yes what do you think” said her mother as she was walking into the living room with a plate of gingerbread men. “What do you mean, are you saying we are living here now?” spoke Lucy with a shock. “Of corse we have been for the last 4 days.” reapplied Lucy ’s mother. “The mirror”…

To be continued…

By Halle Lee Batchelor

Brian Falkner Books