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bob and the dragon

By luke lee

Knock.... knock... knock!!!! Bob’s eyes snap open. A boy came in panting. “Sorry to bother your majesty but the dragon that you were going to fight has come down and killed my father!!!! It then went up afterwards”. “Alexander!!” called Bob. “Yes, my lord?” Alexander who was summoned in royal clothes was looking at him smiling. “Time to get dressed and have breakfast my lord.” “Before that how did this boy get in the palace?” Bob asked. “Who...” Alexander started to say and he finally noticed a boy. Alexander was truly shocked. “Oh, I see, sorry my lord.” He turned to the boy and asked, “where is your mother?” A tear traced down boy’s cheek. “Dead” he answered. Alexander opened his mouth to speak but the young king stopped him and said, “ well, until this gets sorted out he must stay in the palace.” Put him in clean clothes and give him a room.” Bob ordered. “Yes my lord” Alexander answered. After it was all settled Bob got dressed. “It’s time to get ready my lord.” Alexander said. “For what?” Bob asked. “Well, you must battle against a dragon to prove yourself. Your father said so himself before he...” he paused for a moment and then continued. “Before he passed away”. Bob gulped hard. He had forgotten. “Sure” croaked Bob and he said “Let’s go.” “I have chosen your favorite knights: Bill! Nick! Jonathan! and Peter!” announced Alexander. Bob got put in heavy armor. He was armed with a spear, a sword, a bow and a knife. “Off we go” cried Bob and they galloped away..


Wolf howls and bird cries pierced the air. The horses and the men were sleeping. But not bob. Alexander and the Fortuneteller told him there was an ancient wolf big as a horse that roams around the forest his name was claw. He protects a piece gold with three diamond studs. With that thought he couldn’t sleep. But his eyes grew heavy and fell asleep. “ME LORD!!! ME LORD!!!!!!!” bob eyes snap open. “What is it?” he asked peter gulped and he answered, “claw killed nick!” and he’s right in front of us!!” and so he was. Claw as they said was huge but a bit smaller than they predicted, but that didn’t make him anymore less scarier. Bob grabbed his bow and shot at claw but it bounced off harmlessly. Claw pounced and just before he slashed of bobs face Jonathan threw his spear and it stabbed claw. Claw whimpered off and left something very precious... the gold!!!! And also something else... A wolf cub. “Shall we keep him me lord?” “Yes.” bob answered, “I don’t have the heart go kill it either.” “We shall name it nick.” ‘In memory of nick.” Nick whimpered as if he was hungry. Jonathan tried to feed him some meat but nick walked to bob and sat at his feet and looked at bob. Jonathan raised his eyebrows. “Some one likes you me lord.” Bob fed nick water and rabbit meat. He seemed happy afterwards. They went on.


When they reached the mountain they felt incredible heat. Nick was cuddled comfortably in bobs pack, with some food and water. “Lets climb that little hill” Peter suggested. “Peter...” warned bob but peter was already up the tiny hill. And BOOM!! A large scaly dragon’s tail whipped up, missing peter very narrowly. Jonathan who lost his spear earlier charged and ten seconds later came flying back. “That tail is strong!” peter was taking shots at the dragon and only some of them managed to get in the chink of the armor of scales. The dragon’s tail whipped around making dust fly and it was hard to see. He heard Peter and Jonathan’s swords clashing against the hard skin. After a few minutes of shooting and clashing they bob found the hit box. “Aim for his neck, his neck!!!!!” shouted bob. But after he said he saw in horror as the tail hit Jonathan and Peter upside his head. And both men died died. Another two lost! Jonathan and Peter two of his favorite men has died.


It’s useless. This is a fool’s quest. That line kept on repeating in bobs head. No he thought. I'm not giving up! With a new burst of strength he charges forward with his sword raised he slashes and slices. But he gets a cut from a claw on his left. Dust covered the wound. He felt great pain. But still he charged he threw his spear and it stabbed the dragon. A great wall of dirt blinded bob and he couldn’t see. After the dust cleared he saw the dead dragon. It was no more. Bob walked back home. But pain washed all over is body. He collapsed. Is this my last moment? He thought. A few minute later he was dead. Later a nearby farmer saw the dead king and murmured “he’s dead!” “the kings dead!”

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