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Alone in the wild

By Erica O'Neill

This is a story of all I remember. BTW my name is Alice. I'm just a casual kid. I don't remember anything but this.

I was at the beach swimming in the ocean like normal people would do at the beach. I was swimming along until I banged my head badly on a sharp rock. Apparently I was unconscious. My parents told me that mum lifted me up to the silky sand, rang an ambulance and told them to bring a helicopter. They lifted me up and flew me to the hospital. But not quite. They accidentally dropped me off half way into the most scary woods which everyone knows is haunted.

I woke up the next morning at dawn. Of course it looked wonderful with the sun gently rising and all of that but seriously, you are watching this in the scary woods! I saw a dark shadow up ahead. What was it? Was it an animal, a person or maybe even a monster! It came out! It was a lion! I ran for my life. I'm sure by now that my parents and a helicopter would be here soon, but no sight of help.

I was still running. Getting so puffed, I found the end of the forest. There were hundreds of people. That's right. It's Sunday morning the markets are on. But, what's the time? Wait a minute, why should I be worrying about this? There is a big hungry lion chasing me to eat me for a feast!

I stopped. Have a guess what happened next. I saw mum and dad! I ran to them to give them a hug but then POP! Everything went black. I opened my eyes then I realized, this was all a dream!

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