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The Geeky Girl

By Lily

Hi! Im Bailey Im nine years old and doesn't know what three times four is. i have P.D.D which means Pervasive developmental disorder. i have 3 brothers and one cat. my dad is always busy with his "work" but all he does is NOTHING! i mean NOTHING. My mum does not work shes at home looking after my cat sparky. Shes 3 weeks old, because we only just adopted her yesterday. Also Im not going to tell you what P.D.D means. soon i will be starting a new school, named Romeo Bay School. ive been there since i was about like 3 and now im 9. soon as i woke up from my pink butterfly bed i donged my head on something that i didnt even know what it is. later when i woke up from donging my head i looked at it. it was an old toy bone my brother Caleb collects. When i got out of my pink dark room i rushed to Calebs room. i didn't care if he was or wasn't awake i went into his room my mad face. "Caleb! wake up! i know you left one of you're stupid bones in my bedroom" he opened one eye and he just looked at me then closed them again and fell asleep again. "Ugh" i said when i closed the door. At least i wasn't a mistake.

++++++++++CHAPDER TWO COMING SOON!++++++++++++

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