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Gone Tomorrow, Here Today.

By Aimee Hunt

"Don't EVER enter those woods Charlotte, EVER!" I vaguely remember my Mother saying this in the morning. I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have lied to her. I think I should of listened. Oh well.
I tread slowly into the Dark, damp Woods trying to avoid the gnarled roots in front of me. My Mother told me there are Demons in this Forest, I don't believe that.
Suddenly a white flash appears in front of me. "What... What is that?" I feel like hiding behind a Tree, like the coward I should be but I want to investigate. I hear a whinny, it sounds like a horse... Wait! Is that a Unicorn horn? I like to think I'm not scared of anything but one things for sure, I'm scared of Horses! But this one is like no other, I feel like a magnet is pulling me closer to that Horse. I draw one of my trembling hands out of my Pocket to stroke the Horse. Then as I got closer my instincts were right, It IS a Unicorn!
The sheer beauty of it makes the forest lighten up. 'Aye, That Unicorn's a Beauty'I think. I'm about to touch this Mythical Creature and just like that, it disappears! "Woahh...." I say. But the only story of my Mothers I didn't remember is that this Unicorn is good, but there is darkness behind this goodness... I dash home, excited. I want to tell ALL my friends at school. But most of me wants this to be a secret and that it will be!

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