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Book of mini stories

By Dylan Lake



long long ago there was an ultimate fight by long long ago,I mean in the 60's but there was one twist the fight was not on Earth it was on the moon so not many people could go only some of the rich it was not that interesting to watch because wait I forgot I haven't
Introduced myself "Hi i am the one and only Dylan--00569
I am a news reporter" anyway about the fight the fight was not interesting to watch it was like watching two men float around the most interesting part was waiting to see who won the two men competing were best friends there names were Andy and Terry they didn't want to fight each other so it was a very long match but finally we found out who won...The winner Andy.
Terry was very upset but he got over it.

Chapter 2
the day at the club

Andy and terry set off to the club and had some coke and lemonade they are only 13 so they went with their parents but they played all the time they were there
They had so much fun they wanted to stay all night they saw a wild rabbit run across the grass the rabbit seemed like it was as fluffy as a very fluffy cat the rabbit was gone in a split second Andy and Terry kept playing until it was dark so around 7 o'clock then they went inside and had a big drink until a big Grizzly bear came in the club everyone was scared apart from Andy and Terry Andy and Terry weren't scared at all they thought it was AWESOME
But they had to go they were sad but they put up with it
They had it on video they went home and went to bed

Chapter 3
The missing Canary

One day Terry went for a walk and found the Canary that
Andy set up into the sky. Terry Knew he had to get back to the official owner so he tried to pick him up but until he could even lay his hands on the thing it hissed at him and Terry screamed in a high pitched voice as the whole neighbourhood could hear him he was so embarrassed but the owner came and said
"I think you have my Canary"
"Oh he is yours I never knew I was trying to find you but he hissed at me anyway at least you found him"
"Yes what can I do to repay you"
"Oh I don't want something in return i just want everyone to be happy"

Chapter 4
The rabbit chase

Andy and Terry set off on a journey through the woods and they came across a cat that was in pain it must have been attacked or something so Andy and Terry thought what they should do so they were thinking then out of sight they saw a rabbit so they thought they were right it was a rabbit but then the rabbit saw them and started to chase them all around the forest then Andy thought they needed to help the cat so they tricked the rabbit and took the cat to the vet.

Chapter 5
School cross country

On May the 20th Andy and Terry had school cross country
They both weren't good at running but they knew that they still ran the race but they never make it into inter school cross country Andy normally came 90th and Terry normally came 84th they didn't care they were glad that it was over so they came the same place as usual.

Chapter 6
The annoying little boy

Andy and Terry set off to school they were hoping that they wouldn't come across the annoying little boy but unfortunately they did the annoying little boy keeps on asking questions like
"How old are you"
"When is your birthday"
"Do you have any pets"
And so much more
They were so annoyed and angry it was like it was never ending to Andy and Terry but it had only been 2 minutes.

It was the last day of school Andy and Terry were so excited for the holidays they had so much plans like on Saturday Andy went to Terry's house and on Sunday Terry went to Andy's house it was a very busy holiday but they spent time with their families for most of the holidays
But Andy and Terry still played with each other so then came the holidays.

In the morning I woke up and heard a bang I thought it was my cat but actually it was a Robbery I was so scared that I jumped out of my skin and half of me was under my bed and the other half of me was in my bed my brain was saying run but my voice insiDe of me said stay it was a tough decision so I stayed with run but sneak away

Andy woke up on Monday morning at 6:45 am

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