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The Haunted House - an alternate ending...

By Izzy

It was a bright, sunny day and there seemed like there could never be a cloud in the sky. Carly was very excited to go to the carnival, and most importantly the 'haunted house of horrors'. Of course it was only fake and totally plastic, but she wanted to see whether all the rumours were true. Apparently, many years ago at the carnival, a young child, about her age had entered the haunted house and never returned. She knew it was just a rumour and nothing more, But she felt scared because the girl was her age and that day was the 10 year anniversary of her death.

As Carly walked through the rattly fence of the house of horrors, grey clouds filled the sky and all you could hear for miles was the ear piercing song of thunder. Carly took one deep breath and walked in. the moment her last foot left the outside world she heard a deep, gruff voice “walk nearer if you dare” she knew that this was just pre-recorded to scare her. But when she heard the sound of cackling, followed by a shrill scream, she knew something was wrong. She felt frozen in time, unable to move, unable to scream. She stood there, knowing that she had to run away, or face certain death. After about 10 minutes of silent encouragement, she finally got the courage to run to the door. But someone was waiting for her.

She screamed as two dark, shadowy figures pounced on her and wrapped a long rope around her throat. But all was not lost yet. They dragged her to a dark room where she saw a little girl, her age staring back at her with a blank face and dull eyes. She automatically knew who this was, it was the girl who supposedly died 10 years ago. But she did not die. One of the men looked at her and said “choose one, your death or hers”. Carly looked at the girl, pretty much dead, starving, in major need of company. She looked at herself, perfect life, happy and maybe a little greedy. She knew what she had to do “me...”she stuttered “kill me...spare her life...” Carly saw a log sharp blade swing over her head, she braced herself for the impact and hoped that the man would keep to his side of the bargain and spare the other girls life.

Fortunately, the man spared the young girls life and she went to the orphanage that night. Unfortunately hours after she went to the orphanage, the girl took her own life, because, in her eyes, life was no longer worth living.

The End

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