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World War Z

By Jordan Chase

The Ninja was NOT having a good day, the groans and moans from the ugly and flesh hungry shuffling corpses were getting closer.
He had to hide, but where?
YES! A supermarket was in the distance, he could hide from the apocalypse there!
This city was war-torn and not many buildings were left standing since when the apocalypse started!
The Ninja raced towards the supermarket, after all, he had to protect the two people with him. they are a nurse and a doctor.

Once the Ninja got to the supermarket he went to the security office and pressed the button to lockdown the supermarket.
The lockdown gates creaked and screamed as if it had an injury as it went down to stop the horde getting in.
There were two others in the building other than the ninja, nurse or doctor.
There was a policeman holding a glock type pistol and had scratches all over him, and there was a soldier with an AK-47 type machine gun and his uniform in tatters.
They said that they were brothers and they were both having leave and catching up on the latest news back from their old country when the apocalypse started a couple months ago.

The Ninja then spoke up “We should really set up barricades! Just in case the horde gets through….”
“I agree!” shouted the Soldier “ If they get through and we have no barricades… well… you should know what will happen…”
So everyone agreed….
They all set about making barricades from wood from the ‘Building Supplies’ Aisle, Building, Nailing and stacking wood over and over until the barricades were finally done!
When they were finished with the barricades, they stood back and looked at the tough barricades.They seemed very strong!

But the horde was smart enough to bite the firemen and have them turn into corpses!
The ‘firemen’ were using the fire-truck ladders to let the corpses in!
Fortunately for the group there was a hunting shop in this supermarket, they all ran there as fast as their legs could carry them!
They all grabbed hunting rifles and scopes and they all shoot any bit of the horde that dare to come in through the windows!
But then, a helicopter crashed through the roof!
The ninja, doctor, nurse, police-man and soldier rejoiced, they were saved!
Once the Helicopter touched down, the Helicopter Pilot got out and said” Get in if you want to live.”

They all got in and the helicopter sped off.
The Pilot sped off to the Military Base that was nearby.
When they got there, they were asked to get into a lab.
When they got to the lab, the Doctor was asked “can you synthesize an antidote?”
“for the apocalypse?”
“yes” the Doctor replied.
The Doctor then started racing around with a bunch of other Doctors, trying to synthesize a cure for this apocalypse.

Meanwhile the rest of the group(aside from the nurse who was hiding.) where racing around the walls, fighting the and stopping them from getting in the military base!
One day had passed and the horde was bigger but the cure still has not been found!
The doctors are still racing around madly, trying to find/make the cure!
After 7 more days, the Doctors finally have the antidote, they all then went out in tanks and fired the cure as shells raining down all over the city!
The cure worked!
The town was walking corpse free!
And peace prolonged thereafter!

The End

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