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The day the aliens came

By jacob lyne

It was a sunny day in down town Auckland I was walking with my friend Samuel to the movies when all of a sudden BANG a gun shot.
Screaming and shouting everywhere, person after person dropped dead.
The water fall turned into a stream of red blood dripping with dead bodies falling down I found a car on the side of the street gun shots carried on I yelled to Samuel over here I used a block of concrete to smash the window.
We climbed in and started to drive while Samuel drive I looked around in the car for anything to help us. Ah I felt sick a dead guy in the back of the car a bullet straight to the head I opened the door and thew him out I didn't want a dead man in the car. Bang Bang Bang more gunshots went off we were driving at fast speed a guy with a gun was standing on the street shooting anyone he saw I told Samuel to duck the car went zooming at the guy one problem though he was standing on the side on the street. I flung the door right into the man he was dead I jumped out of the car pick up his gun threw it into the car and took his leather jacket just because I thought it might come in handy.
We kept on driving until we reached the motor way we were home sweet home until bang even more gunshots went off there were snipers. I yelled at Samuel drive with the car going max we drove at 360 km hour.
I got the gun out for safety. We got away from the snipers we pulled over. I looked in the boot there was a bag of money petrol and sitting in the back a ak47 with a sniper lying on top of it with ammo. I grabbed everything and threw it into the car and drove off we got to New Plymouth I found Macer's and I decided to put this ak47 to the test " put your hands up" I yelled. I odered and took it back to the car "Dinner's ready" I said to Samuel. We kept driving to Wellington it was 3 am we were real tired Samuel dosed off while I guared the car

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