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The Haunted House- edited,new ending

By Izzy

The Haunted House
Carly was very excited to go to the carnival, and especially the 'haunted house of horrors'. Of course it was only fake, but she wanted to see whether the rumours were true. According to the stories, many years ago, a teen, about Carly’s age entered the haunted house, never to be seen again. She knew it was just a rumour, but she couldn’t help her curiosity.

Carly stepped through the squeaky gate of the house of horrors. All that could be heard for miles was the ear piercing song of thunder. Carly took one deep breath, the moment she entered, she heard a deep, gruff voice.
“Walk nearer if you dare.”
She knew that this was just pre-recorded to scare her. But when she heard the sound of cackling, followed by a shrill scream, she knew something was wrong. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her hands started to shake. Curiosity told Carly to investigate, but her instincts told her to run while she had a chance. She felt frozen in time, unable to move, unable to scream. After a moment longer, Carly continued down the dark hall. But as she came closer, a dark figure came into view.

Two dark, shadowy figures pounced on her and wrapped a long rope around her throat. She let out a scream, but no sound came out. They dragged her to a dark room where she saw an older girl staring back at her. Her skin was grey and stretched tight over her bones and the dress she wore had long since lost its colour. Immediately, Carly knew who this was. She was the girl who disappeared 20 years ago.
The man’s yellow teeth flashed in the dull light as he growled, “Choose one: your death or hers.”
Carly looked at the girl, She looked as though she hadn’t seen sunlight in a long time. Carly wondered when she had seen her friends last. Then she considered her own life, she had two loving parents, a group of loyal friends and an adorable puppy that went crazy whenever she walked through the door. Carly had a good life, but she looked at the girl and wondered if her own life was worth the chance of this girl experiencing the life that Carly had always had.
She knew what she had to do.
“Me...”She stuttered. “Kill me...spare her life...” Carly saw a long sharp blade swing over her head, she braced herself for the impact and hoped that the man would keep his side of the bargain and spare the other girl’s life.

Carly’s body dropped to the ground with a loud thud. The man holding the blood soaked blade took off his dark clothes and laughed to himself.
“Wow, that girl was stupid. I can’t believe she actually thought that Jennifer was still alive.”
His accomplice smirked in response. “Yeah I know, right? C’mon let’s add her to the collection.”

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