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Hi my name is Sam McLeod and I am 11 yrs old, I was adopted when i was 1 and I am now in the Oxland orphinage. My best friend is Angey Pearl and she was surprisingly adopted on the same day as me.
I remember when I was a little smaller I would always get in trouble and Angey would always cover for me(and that was when we weren't friends)but back to the story now I almost never get into trouble. The orphinage cheif,Abeigaile is extremely nice but no offence to her she cooks horrible food.Well anyway oneday after eating pigs testicles and baked beans for dinner I went to the Library and while I was the I found a section that boldly said"ADULTS ONLY". I managed to sneak a peak from behind the curtains and Oh My God there were real time machines there and you could tell because there was a time dial for how long and a green button to start it and....and well you just would have known.
I ran back to the orphinage and told Angey straight away, she didn't believe me at first but she followed me to the library and we saw it.Angey rubbed her eyes once then twice and by the time she had rubbed them three times it looked like they were on fire already.
The next morning I woke up and there was a note on the doors saying "3 AMERICAN FAMILIES COMING TO FIND CHILDREN TONIGHT!!! p.s you better behave. I got changed and went down to breakfast as I came down the creeky steps everyone was so neat and different then I saw an American couple and I said to myself, Oh no they're early as i got to the dining room I said "good morning Abeigaile the oat porridge smells delicious". I sat down and started eating and then suddenly I heard someone say I'll pick him and her,Uh oh they were pointing at me and Ange.
I started to pack and then heard a knock on my door so I said "come in", it was Angey.
She said"are you nervous or anxious"
"I really dunno but I'm glad I'm gonna go with you" I replied
As I woke up the next morning I was in a hotel but I was still in Oxland, I woke Ange up and I said"I know this may sound weird you wanna go to the future orr atleast try?". She looked at me as if i were crazy thenthat look turned into a smile and she said"why not".
That day we sneaked out of the hotel before we went shopping to the library we pulled open the curtains and we snuck in to one of the capsules and set the time to 1050 years and pushed the green button. In the time it takes you to blink I was somewhere else but where was I? I couldn't see Angey for a minute then she appeared in front of me out of nowhere, I said to her "do you wanna go back or stay here in the future?" We looked out of the window and it was raining we found some relatives of our relatives by giving blood and found out we were brothers and sisters. I stopped to think for a while and said"that explains why we were sent to the orphanage on the same day."
Thats how I got where I am now working with my sister in the Oxland orphanage Angey and I remade. By the way we also run the place with our great great great great great great great great great great nephews, and yup thats right all nephews.

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