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Being able to See the Next Week

By Janelle Sara Trumper

Being able to See the Next Week

it all started off when i woke up one morning and went to the door to get the newspaper.I looked at the date as i usually do and it said friday the 4th of may and it was only the 11th so i thought to myself the newspaper people got it worng. As my usual thing i do in the mornings is make breakfast and then do some of the quizzes in the newspaper i looked around the papaer and it said last weeks answers which was this weeks answered i thought to myself im sure im going crazy so i got my next door neigbours newspaper which he never reads or even pick up and i put the answers in and then i got ready for school.but while i was gettin ready for school iw as listning to the radio it was saying all the schools that were cancelled i was soo excited to hear my school it came to randwick park then papakura high and then finerly school of music.once i heard that i got the piece of paper with the answers in it and biked to the shop to send it.It started to rain so i quickly went home as fast as i could it was like the fastest i had ever biked before. My parents were home at that time and they asked me why i wasnt at school i said to them didnt you hear the radio it said that school was
cancelled and then i go why are you guys not at work and then they go everyone had to go home today because of the weather.suddenly i heard this really big band i thought to myself what was that and all i could hear was my parents tellin em to quickly get under a table.I was gettin really scared and i wasnt sure what to do i didnt really know what was happeneding either.All i could hear was wind and things smashing in the kitchen and rain fallking into the house.
i saw the newspaper flying by me and i quickly catched it and i flicked to the first page it said hurricane hit papakura 10,000 dead once i read that my life flashed before my eyes.1 hour pasted and it was all over i didnt know how this happened but all i could do was run to my room everythign was broken now i know what that newspaper was for to help me get read for this and maybe save a few lifes...

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