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Christmas With a Sparkle

By Ethan Pilgrim

Christmas With a Sparkle

I was frozen to the spot, my sisters were jealous of me because I got the best present at Christmas,because I got a FREE TRIP All AROUND THE WORLD!!! I could take 5 people with me, and travel luxuriously. I could stay at the best motels and I got to meet any celebrities I wanted. I also got $1000000!!! I couldn't belive it.
At first I thought it was a practical joke, but later on that day, I got a phone call from a big important person named Bunty from the radio station telling me that it was all true!!!
I decided that I was going to take my Mum, Dad, My older sisters Tamzin and Lacee, and my best friend Mitchell. We were going to North and South America, Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Antarctica, IT WAS GOING TO BE GREAT!!!
The million dollars, was going to be spent on Home upgrades, schooling, insurance, maids, gardeners, and going through any shop and saying I want that, and that, oo oo and that, we'll have huge T.V's, sterios, computers, outdoor living, racecars to race at Baypark Speedway... Ooh, I couldn't wait, all my dreams were coming true.
My life may have been a rich one, but, I never forgot what was important...

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