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Think before you try new things

By Felicity

It started on my first day at high school, i walked in the gate with my best friend kat and the first thing we saw was some girls smoking and teachers not doing anything about it. We thought it was so cool that the very same day we planned that the next day we were going to the same thing. It just so happend that kats mum smoked so we decided that kat would go to the lounge at night time and steal a smoke from her pack. She brought it to school the next day and we asked the other girls if we oculd borrow their lighter of course they said yes as long as they could have a puff.
as we lighted the cigertte i could already smell the smoke it smelt good yet a bit yuck. i took my first puff ever and it was good i kept wanting more and more. gradually kat kept stealing the smokes and we kepy asking for the lighter, eventually kat and i became mates with the others their names were michelle and kirsty. The casual smoke everyday went on for about 2 school terms and no1 found out. until one day kirsty didnt come to school we rung and her a looked for her everywhere until one day her mother told us she was at the hospital so kat me and michelle went up to see her. it turns out she had developed lung cancer and had become VERY sick we asked her mother how she had got lung cancer and she said didnt know. we stayed with kirsty til late at night. the docters came in and out until about at 11pm the last docter told her she wouldnt have very long to live as the lung cancer is very fatal. after about 5 weeks in hospital kirsty decided to tell her mother why she thought she developed lung cancer. her mother burst into tears after that kirsty could not bear the pain any longer about 3 hours after that kirsty passed away and we all wept.From that day on kat i and michelle stopped smoking and made a pact never to do it again. It just goes to show that just because it makes you cool doesnt mean that it is cool. So think before you try new things.

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