Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By Younho Choi

One day there was a kid who is me called Justin he was just going home from school when he found a book!
he said to himself"cool! I'm gonna go home and read it!"
but...later when he went hone a powerful shock hit him.
later he turned into an Alchemest!!! then he went inside his house and read the book. after he read the book he controlled his powers to use them for his own good.
then 3years later a mad scientest came to take over the's why he got mad:one time[3years before]the
scientest was working near a nuclear power plant when he accidently drilled a hole in it and then he changed into a horrible monster!!! so, Justin had to make his hand into a metal arm first then he slashed the scientest the scientest became angry and hit Justin with his laser eyes.
Justin was unconsious but ALIVE.
later the army,FBI,Police and all sorts of people gathered around holding sniper rifles,shotguns,bazookers and machine guns. and they attacked! and later the ambulance came and took Justin to the hospital.
later Justin woke up and flew out the window and said"freeze sucker!" but he got into trouble by pointing a cannon at an old grandma.Just then the old grandma said"naughty kids with bbguns and toys! I'll teach them!"
with a mighty scream the old lady hit Justin with her handbag.Justin cried and threw the old lady way up to uranus.then he went to fight the scientest the people were still attacking him when Justin shot his cannon.BOOM!!! the people cherred"yay!!! yay!!! yay!!!" but the scientest had not died. he had just vanished.
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