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This is a tale of things that, well, arent that great

By Greg Jonas

This is a tale of things that, well, arent that great, but lets read it anyway, by the way, im using worlds like we and lets, to make you feel included, not pushed too far into the darkness to see, so you blindly get hit by a car.

One beutifully fine day in the city of Goopoo, all was well untill... a giant massacured bear ran into the mayor's office. "Mr. Fiddledygee, the evil Hoopoo has returned to taunt us and insult us from a distance then run away!" yelled the bear.
"My Goopoo, we've got to stop this disturbance in the force! Luke, get me my helmet, my lightsaber, and hurry up, don't keep me waiting!!"
"Kk!" replied Luke Skywalker.

In town...

"Hey, you old saggy brum car, go to heaven and eat food from the holy grail!!" yelled a tall black, ugly, smelly...
The elephants name, of course, sinse the fact he was throwing insults at a far away distance, was Hoopoo. Then el presidente ran up to Hoopoo, and decappitated him (if you don't know what decappitate means, i suggest you look it up in the dictionary).

Thankyou kind old el presidente, for saving our town.

This story was written in memory of Spongebob, who sadly passed away last night, in a sufferably terrible heart attack.

The End.

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