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A ninja carrots not so great day out

By Thomas

In April 2006 a charming young ninja carrot was on his motorbike heading towards pizza hut to get a meat lovers pizza then have a picnic with his girlfriend (he would be a bit of a cannibal to eat vegies). “Hello” said a man in a purple cape who just got off a flash yellow motorbike. “Um hi” said jimmy the carrot “after he hit the brakes right next to pizza hut, “wow that bike looks exactly like mine” said the carrot. “yeah it does, anyway I came here to ask for your help” said the caped guy “they say you’re a ninja carrot that fights evil and stuff” the carrot replied “yes, I am”
“I need you to stop a bunch of cannibals from eating me tonight for dinner, they are going to eat my friends as well!” “they started a cannibalism career this morning”. “well that’s not good, I’ll go and use my ninja techniques to stop them and throw them in jail. Then jimmy zoomed off to stop them when he realised he didn’t even know where he was supposed to be going. He stopped his motorbike to turn back when suddenly he saw a large frypan and everything went black. The ninja carrot woke up in a small untidy room and he was met again with the man he had talked to earlier. “dude, you were so easy to capture! All I needed to do was wack you around the head with a stupid frypan and drag you here” “there’s no time to waste, my living death defying dandelion of doom is getting hungry and its favourite food is carrot mwahahaha!”. “You lying freak!” said jimmy “I trusted you”. There was no reply, and then a mutated dandelion slithered into the room. Just as the dandelion was about to wrap its mouth over the helpless carrot jimmy woke up next to his girlfriend jasmin at a nice picnic spot. “yay, you’re awake’ jasmin said” “I heard you whimpering, you must have had a bad dream”
“what a relief” said the carrot.

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