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The Outlaw Sophie

By Ta'mar

Sophie strode until her anger was cooled by the peace of the forest.A few hours later she was leaning against a tree she could hear the church bells ringing from a far disdant.So she turned towards camp.When she got on a log she saw a giant get on the log.She could see the stream rushing down really fast.Then they met in the middle.Sophie punched the giant in the stomch.The giant just stood there.Sophie was really scared.Sophie asked the giant "What is your name?" and the giant replied "My name is Sarah".Sarah pushed Sophie into the stream.Sophie was strugling to get out.When Sarah saw Sophie in the water she was getting really really sad so she helped Sophie by holding Sophie's hands.Sophie was pleased when Sarah helped her out of the stream.Sarah said something to Sophie she said "I wasn't meant to push you in,really it's true" Sophie said "Its okay you don't have to be that sorry".Sarah said something to Sophie which was "I promise that I will be really really really nice"."Hey Sophie do you want to be friends but we can play when you take a walk through the forest?" Sophie replied "Yeh lets be friends".They played everytime when Sophie was there.They lived happily ever after.


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