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Professor Gilberton!

By Joshua Gason Burgess

"Hurry up Gilbert or we'll be late for school," shouted my friend,Jacob,at the door as I pack my bag.He calls me Gilbert because my last name is Gilberton.I hate it.Firstly I'll tell you about me.My name is Ciaran Gason Gilberton. I'm eleven years old and still at Saint Pauls Catholic Primary and Intermediate School.My best friend is Danny Shacklebolt and I have three stupid,big sister and one baby brother.My Mum works for Telecom and Dad works for the police department.We live in New Zealand,Christchurch.But that does not matter.All that matters is that I have been zapped by a thunderbolt and became the smartest person in the world somehow.Wait,how did I know that.Trust me,wierd things are happening to me.Its not easy being smart.I wonder if anyone else has been zapped yet.One day at school I had been doing basic facts for maths and after that there was one more realy hard sum at the end that nobody couild do."Can you help me Ciaran?"asked Jacob from behind me."SILENCE,"shouted the booming voice of Mrs Vansercan.I didn't answer Jacob.Now was the time to use my magical power."9561 + 56754=,"I said in my head.66315.There it was.I finaly found the answer!"It's 66315,"I told Jacob."How do you do know,"asked Jacob."I don't really know how I found that out,"I said to Jacob.At lunch time he got out the calculater and typed in 9561 + 56754=.It came up with 66315!"Oh my gosh,"shouted Jacob."You hit it spot on.But how?"That was the biggest question of them all.

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