Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By Sidharth

Once upon a time before the first century india and china lived together in harmony but everything changed when the firenations attacked and thats when everyone found out the avatars and their elements there were three kinds of avtars which were airbenders,waterbenders and earthbenders.

Then a war started between india and china many died many survived suddenly the god of avtars appered he opened up his hand he had the leader of the firenations and he said this is the person who caused the war so he was hanged to death immedietly and thats the time when india and china started makeing bombs so the firenations would be scared but they were`nt they came to attack again but the bombs india and china made were too powerfull so now the firenations were scared and soon india and china built a huge wall so people would know which is there country and would never fight again.

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