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Dad Freak

By Mieke

One day this boy called Frizas his dad was a freak. Everyone didn't like his dad that much. They thought his dad was a weirdo but he suffered from depression. But Frizas got to know him and to him he was a really nice guy.

One day Frizas told everyone and they felt so sorry for all of them became his friend but one didnt become his friend his name was Treyle. He didnt beleive him so he just started to keep picking on him still but evryone keep picking on Treyle. But one day his father came down the school and told him that he had gone to the docters and had a big jar of medicine to help his depression. One day his father ran out of his med but he had no depression it was like a dream but was real.One day Treyle marred Frizas and all of them lived happily ever after

The End

Brian Falkner Books