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The swamp tree troll of Kopu bridge

By Lucy Day

Once opon a time there was a little girl named lucy day and she had red hair and green eyes. She was very clever and liked to read a lot of stories .Lucy also loved to write stories.Her favorite animal were horses,unicorns and ponies.But this story was not about Horses, Unicorns or Ponies, it was about......

i sit i watch by the muddy river side at the one way brige it was there i spied ....

A little creature called the swamp tree troll.

It all began when Lucy and her family were travelling in their little red truck. The truck came to a stop at the Kopu bridge and there in the repo or swamp, Lucy thought she saw something.

What could it be????

A Troll
A Tree Troll?
A Swamp Tree Troll!!!!

Fishing for his tea
Invisible to most but not to me!
Sitting quietly on a stump looking rather cute, he was catching jellyfish and eels to make him nice and plump.

Swamp tree trolls live in little holes in the mangrove forest at the bottom of the trees.

Oh they're comfy in the swamp tree holes full of nice things to eat.

They eat jellyfish and jam............i think thats the plan........

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