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The Little Girl

By Blair Balsom

Mum! Dad! I'm Home!!!.... Mum?? Dad??
A 12 year old boy dressed in an old, grey and tatty school uniform. His mind flashed back to the night before, searching for an answer to where his parents might be. The boys name was Jeffrey, he had a slim shape and was really short, his uniform was old and full of holes. His mind snapped a vision back to his lunchtime at school where he was getting screamed at and beaten to the ground, but it wasn't his fault he was short, he pleaded for mercy but none came. He ran home from school that day, dodging the bullies. He stood now in front of an old wood door with stairs to his left. He headed up the stairs to the lounge, as he neared the top, he thought he saw a girl on the old green couch but he blinked and it was gone.

He walked to his room thinking about what he had just seen. He thought it was just his imagination but littile did he know he would be having extra company tonight. He got changed into some black jeans and a loose Rusty top. He headed for the kitchen, he noticed as soon as he turned the corner, the tap was running cold water into the sink and the dishwasher was open.This was getting weird. He twisted the nozzle on the sink and it came to an abrupt stop, he then slammed the dishwasher shut. It was then that he heard a sharp "click" and the sliding door slid open, a chill ran down his spine. A gust of wind blew into the room, and Jeffrey thought he heard the words "Help Me" in the wind but shut his mind quickly and tried not to think about it. He went over to the sliding door and slid it shut he flicked the switch up to lock it and walked away. As he walked away he heard a sharp "click" and the door slid open again.His heart pumping he turned around to see the door open again. He ran back and locked it. He raced into his room heart pumping and grabbed his snuggly blanket. As this was happening the t.v flashed into life and two words flickered across the screen "Help Me ", "Help Me". He came back into the room with his blanket, the t.v flicked off quickly. He turned on the T.v And lay on the couch. Wraped into his blanket, he drifted into an un-easy sleep......

To Be Continued

By Blair

Brian Falkner Books