Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By ashleigh

hi, my name is joey and i'm 12 years old. Me and my friend jez go to a lolly store called sugarshack after school everyday to stuff our faces with debris of goodness. At 4pm today sugarshack is releasing it's new lolly, the super sour doubleberry blast flavoured brain drop. right now i'm sitting in my class waiting for the 3 oclock bell to ring, it is 2:59. Yay! finally the bell rings now me and Jez can try and get to the sugarshack before every other kid in town takes all the super sour double berry blast brain drops. By 4:01 pm me and Jez were the first people in the country to try the new lolly and it was absolutely the best thing that ever entered my mouth. The next morning i woke up with a huge belly and i felt like a big sphere. I was really freaked out. I thought it might have been that new lolly I tried so I got up to ring Jez. When i got out of bed i couldnt and instead i bounced and i couldnt stop bouncing!. I went flying out of the front door of my house and nearly bounced into a tree, then i saw every kid in my school bouncing down the street with a huge body like mine. The ingredients in that lolly did this to us. I had to find a way to stop this. i bounced around thinking for a while then i figured out the solution. The only way to reverse it was to vomit the lolly back out. So i started gagging myself with my finger to spue up this ugly green stuff and then i returned to normal. Well, its gonna take alot of mess to save these guys, unless they go to the toilet anytime soon!

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