Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click
I Can Do It!

By Laura B

“No!” 4 year old Dave Carter exclaimed angrily. He was sitting on the checkerboard sofa beside the window, his dark, spiked up hair almost covering his pale blue eyes.
Dave couldn’t read OR write. He would usually not mind it, but all of his friends could do it and he was now feeling a little left out whenever they were around.
Dave tried but it always seemed a thousand miles away, like another world that is impossible to get to.
Then, one day, he woke up to find himself staring at his name tag that had been pinned up on the wall. He silently tried to read it, somehow knowing that he would be not be able to it. Yet somehow, it seemed to just click at that moment.
“Dave Car – Carter,” he breathed quietly, unable to believe what had just happened.
“I did it! I don’t believe it, I – I did it! Yes!” he yelled triumphantly as he jumped up, punched his fist in the air and plopped back down onto the already messed up bed.
Once he had wolfed down his breakfast, his natural instincts told him to head for the bookcase, grab the nearest book and start reading it.
Wanting to make sure the whole thing was not a fake; Dave spent that entire day reading more books by the hour.
By 5:00 in the afternoon, he had taken himself through no less than 21 small picture books, which was a lot for a 4-year old who hadn’t started school yet.
‘Now I can try writing!’ Dave thought happily as he stacked all the books back into the bookcase.
And so he did.
That afternoon, Dave piled out everything in the cupboard until he found 3 pieces of spare paper. He placed them on a nearby table and started gathering everything back into the cupboard.
5 minutes later, he was seated at the lounge table, ready to start Mission-Learn-To-Write. He also had at the table his Tracing Letters paper. So he started tracing, putting letters together and creating words.
Half an hour later, he was overjoyed with himself. He had done it.
He ran down the hallway frantically shouting “MUM, MUM!”
“She’s at work,” his sister replied over top of her stereo which was belting it out at full volume.
Dave sat down on a chair to wait for his mum to get home from work. An hour went by and he started getting restless. Suddenly he heard the click of a door. He turned around.
And there she was.

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