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Wonderful Land

By tralyse

one day a little girl and her friend went for a walk in a magical forrest when they got to the middle they found a tree but it was no ordary tree it was pink and sparkly. they walked up to it and the little girl fell into the hole in the middle of the tree she was tumbling and turning then finally she fell out of the hole and landed on a cotton candy cloud then she fell onto a beautiful rainbow, down the raindow she went till she landed on the ground with a thud, "wow" she said. this place is amazing there were milkshake rivers and jelly snake vines coming of sugar coated trees and dancing bears every where. all day she had fun with all of her new friends until one bear said "dont you have to go home your mum and friend will be getting worried about you". "yes" the little girl replyd " my mummy will be getting woried but how do i get out of here?" "come on" said bear "il show you" they had only walked for a little while when they saw chocolate rabbits "may we give you a ride?" they asked "yes please" replyd the little girl so her and her new friend rode on the rabbits backs. until finally they came to the same tree the little girl had fallen down, "i guess i have to go now" she said "yes you do" bear said " ill come back and visit I promis" and with that she jumped into the hole in the middle of the beautiful tree

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