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The Talking Tailless Horse

By Jessica Davison

Chris was an average student at an average school with an average life, she looked average, average weight and average hair. Until 1 day she woke up with ... a tail, yes a tail but it wasn't a cat's tail or anything that she could just hide under her long school skirt until she figured out what to do about it, it was a long black horses tail. It almost touched the ground and was as thick as a medium sized tree branch. She quickly jumped into bed told her mum she was sick and waited for everyone to leave then she got out of bed and stared at her self in the mirror she wasn't surprised though as you would think ... you see Chris was different and not just because she had a horses tail but because only about a year ago she had discovered a magic pencil.

She had been walking along a beach when she came across a pencil but as weird as this may seem as soon as she saw it she knew that it was no normal pencil still now she doesn't know why she did such a thing but something drove her to pick up the pencil and draw something in the sand and lucky Chris was a very good drawer because she chose to draw a 20 dollar note. As soon as she had finished drawing it, it popped out of the sand. She pulled it off the ground and was able to use it to rent herself some video games.

The memory off that day still stuck in her head and as she sat pondering over it something woke her out of her daydream. There was a knocking sound on her window she supposed it was just Evan (one of her friends from school), he often came over on days she was off school. She got up and walked towards the window, as she peered out she saw that it wasn't Evan but a tailless horse that was knocking on her window. She shook her head and told herself she was seeing things then looked back out the window again just to make sure and saw ... a tailless horse “oh my” she said “oh my my my my, how did this happen?”

She pulled open the front door and hurried the horse through her house and back out the back door. As she closed it behind her she heard a voice “no need to be so pushy I just came over here to get my tail back” she shook her head again and said, more to herself than the horse, “there is no such things as talking tailless horses!” then the voice piped up again “your right my dear girl there are no tailless horses and I believe you have something of mine.” “OK I hope you know a way to get it back because I definitely don't” she replied shakily to the horse, still trying to get over the fact that she was talking to a horse. “As a matter of fact I know exactly what to do” he said pompously “all you have to do is re-draw my tail on me ... oh yes before you do that you must rub out your... uh my tail off you”

Somehow Chris managed to do as the horse had said without rubbing away her pyjama pants and drawing all over the horses stomach or face and eventually, after she had calmed down felt that it was a great adventure and wanted something like that to happen everyday ... I mean who wouldn’t she got to miss out on a day of school!

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