Do Not Click Do Not Click Do Not Click

By Ashleigh O'Malley

Hello my name is Ashleigh O'Malley. My story is about my cat jindy so sit and listen this is how it all happened.....
It was a few days before my birthday mum asked me what i wanted for my birthday. I said i wanted a kitten so the next day at school mum picked me up early. She said do you want to go to the SPCA and have a look at the kittens up there? So we went there. We were looking at them then the next minute a ginger kitten came running up to the door of the cage he was running as fast as a cheetah. It was a wonder he didn't trip over the other kittens in there. He was a ginger kitten, he was soooooo cute. The lady at the SPCA asked whether i wanted to hold him. I said yes he was running around the SPCA like a baboon's ass on fire. I decided to name him Jindy. He now is intelligent, he can open clipit lunchboxes. He's now 1 years old.

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