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Roar!!!! Crackle!!!!! Bang!!!! Were Rich Again

By Sophie Potter

Tim McFeild lived with his mum,a widow. Her husband had just died a few months agon and they were getting really poor and Tim's mum had no time to work he had to look after Tim.Tim was not obiendent he very well did everything he wasn't supposed to.One day his mother told him to go to market and sell a juicy bone of lamb steak.He walked to town many people were wanting to buy the meat, but he said no to the nicest and the richest.He had not sold the meat but was desperated to sell it but he couldn't there was no one he thought was right and was offering the right price.He started to walk home and on the way a man came up to him and said "thats a very pure peice of meat you have there, i would very much like to buy it, why don't you hop in and we talk about the price" Tim hopped in the car and when for a ride.About 30 minutes later they arrived at a house,but already tim had discovered the old kman was not normal not even human.The old trapped tim in a cage then later came back in his real figure as a wicked old wizard. Tim was screaming but that wouldn't help him now, he needed to get out and quickely.The wizard had locked all doors and was talking to tim. He had said all starnge things he knew weren't true especially he was a wizard and was realated and his mother was his sister and wouldn't let him see you. But he thought that was nonsense. He was sleeping in the cell having bad dreams about being a wizard, then is realised he could be a wizard.He woke from his sleep and tried a zap from his ginger it broke a hole in the cell like fire that burned quickley and was out.He was out and had spotted a sack of gold coins Tim thought he had stolen then but there was no timr for that.He grabbed the coins and zapped his finger at the door at ran home. HE told his mother what had happened then his mother said don't say a word he will cast a bad spell on our family.

Part Two

Two weeks had gone bye with out him spreading the news off the gold he had found in the wizards house.One day he was in a fight with two other people off the streets then he rold then he was super rich and he had found loads of gold coins.The next day tim and his mother were called to court.
His mother whispered to the judge"he says very silly things" tim started to tell him about the wizard and finding the sack of gold coins.The judge didn't believe him so they were set free. And they lived happily ever after.

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