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Going for gold

By Maddi Pole

She was ready, she was confident but the biggest feeling jumping up and down and bubbling up inside her was joy.
She had been waiting for this day for weeks!
The music started she stood up straight, Mum, Dad and I were so anxious we leaned forward, she leaned forward, she went into a crouched sort of position with her hands out in front.
The music was still playing I wasn’t sure if it was putting her off or making her more excited, then suddenly she took a few fast steps and did a forward roll, she stood up and then fell backwards into a backwards roll.
After that when I thought she was tired she flipped off the beam and stared kart wheeling and doing one handed hand stands, Wow! I was amazed she was only 7 and this is very difficult.

Teagan had been practising gymnastics for weeks now and when she found out that there was a competion she tried so hard to get in and she did.
She practiced for 1 hour on a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
And all that time I always came to watch her practise it was awesome!

After she had finished she was exhausted, she had a quick drink and something quick to eat for energy.
10 minutes later the judges had made their decision,
“first place for forward rolls go to!”
“Miss Teagan Pole” we all clapped and cheered for her as she stood up on the stage as first place.
Then “second place for kart wheeling goes to”
“Miss Teagan Pole”
“YES!!!” I shouted with pleasure
“and for overall performance a looking like they enjoyed it goes to!”
Shouted the judges as the last prize
“Miss Teagan Pole!”
Teagan ran up there with a great big grin on her face.
Teagan has now got a big trophy and quite a few medals in her room.

Based on a true story.
Written by Maddi Pole

Brian Falkner Books