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the rich life

By kayla

"we are now desending into the u.s.a so please buckle your seat belts" a crew member anounced.
I was excited to hear we would be landing soon because i couldn't wait to see my dad.We finally landed and the five other ums had to wait until every one had board off the plane like me. Now i was flying by myself but one of the crew members came and boarded me off the plane.Once i had boarded off the plane and got though customs i was taken out to meet my dad.When i spotted my dad and he signed me out we walked out to the limo and piled in we drove for an hour and a half to the town we lived in we lived and when we got there i was greeted by my step mum and my brother.Not long after i had a roast dinner and went to my room.i sat in my room and wrote in my note book.

dear journal,
I have all ways dreamed not to have a life like this being the presidents daughter and all its hard and i have to be careful who my friends are but i really want to be a author of my own book but i know they would only acept my book because they know who i am.

a few minutes after i finish i went to sleep cause i was sleepy. In the morning i walked my dog harley down the road and across to the park with three body guards we stayed awhile and then went home for breakfast.At breakfast i had an idea so i asked to be excused and ran to my idea was to write a story and send it in under a different name.............

will it work?????
will she become a famous author????
or will things turn and go the wrong way for this girl all because her dads the president????????
u decide

to be continued

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