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Truce, okay?

By Krix Keall

She dared not walk out of the toilet cubicle. They were talking about her. They were talking about her in a very bad way.
“Urgh, she thinks she’s so great just because all the guys like her.”
“And she’s smart.”
“And sporty.”
“And funny.”
“And talented.”
Okay, so it wasn’t all bad. But they made that stuff sound like a bad thing. And they were being snippy about it so, yeah, that made it bad. Sarah and Kelly were such snobs.
“But she’s so not. Come on, who can be good at all that stuff? Not her. She’s just weird. She’s just . . . Jenny.”
“I know. And, like, she’s always acting so smart in class and stuff and, like, doing her homework. Who does that? She’s, like, such a teachers pet. No wonder she gets, like, such good grades.”
Typical Kelly, saying “like” all the time. Jenny rested her head back on the wall of the cubicle. This was so cliché. How was it that whenever the mean girls talk about someone, they’re right there in the cubicle to hear it? Strange. How about she make this not cliché. That would be fun. Yeah, she would just walk right out there and embarrass the heck out of them!
She unbolted the door and walked out.
“Hi.” She smiled at them, washed her hands and dried them, all cheery-like, and then walked out of the toilets.
As soon as she walked out, she ran to a corner and laughed until her sides ached, earning strange glances from school mates walking by. That was hilarious! Their faces! She loved the looks on their faces! Sarah looked like she’d been slapped in the face. And Kelly just looked like someone had told a joke that she didn’t understand. Mind you, she always looked like that.
The bell rang and Jenny headed off for Science. She got there before everyone else, so she found her favourite seat and doodled on some refill, the whole time thinking about that immense bit of fun she just had.
The door opened and she looked up to see Sarah and Kelly walk in, bright red faces and all. They avoided her gaze as they found some seats as far away from her as possible. Then they actually got out their science books and stuck their snobby noses right in them.
Boy, Jenny felt the power!
Okay, while she had enjoyed that last bit, she decided this was enough. She got up and walked over to what she could see of them.
“Sarah? Jenny?” They both emerged from their books. Their faces still looked like tomato sauce had been smeared all over them. Jenny continued.
“Yeah, I did hear what you said about me in the toilets before,” she said. “But that’s okay. I know that I can be a bit annoying sometimes, what with being a uh . . .teacher’s pet, and all.”
Kelly went redder.
“I just want to say that I forgive you guys.”
They both stared at her like she was a ghost. “Really?” gasped Sarah. Jenny smiled.
“Yeah.” She wiped her sweaty hand on her jeans (she was quite nervous about saying all that) and held it out. “Truce, okay?”
Sarah paused, and then grinned. “Yeah, truce.” She shook hands, as did Kelly. Jenny smiled again.
“Sweet as. See you later, guys.” And she walked back to her seat on the other side of the classroom. By then, heaps of other students had arrived. They all got on with their lives and Jenny never spoke to Sarah and Kelly again.
Come on, you didn’t think they were going to be friends, did you?

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