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Scary Story

By A guy

I was sleeping. It was 1:00 clock. There was a screaming. I got up because it was very noisy. I was scared so I went to the other room. I saw another people lying on bed. Their eyes and mouths were opened. I was scared. Then there was a evil laughing and a bucket of blood came out through their mouth. All room was filled with Red paint. It was real blood! I ran to the door. I opened it. Suddenly there was a "click!" and it was locked! I ran to the window and relised that our house was 1000m high! Actually my house had only two stairs! I kicked the door but it was very hard. There was another scream and there was an explosion. It was car accident. Then blood filled the street. That was horrible. I found out that a "drip" "drip" sound is goind louder. Then the door opened. I was scared but I found out no one was there. I went out and found out a gigantic squid with sharp teeth is breaking staircase! It was eating some corpse of the other people. I ran downstairs and found some knife. I threw the kives in to the squid's mouth. Squid made a big noise than saw me with a red glowing eyes. Then the squid grab my wrist and threw me out of the window. I found out there was some aliens attacking earth. There were some UFOs around the city and they were firing some lasers. They fired and the city distroyed. I became more scared and went to neighborhood and found out that they were all killed. The aliens came to me. I threw the other knives to them and some of the knives stab on their face. A yellow liquid spilled on their face and they became angry. They held something like gun and fired to me. Some missed me and hit the buildings. The buildings disappeared with a "POW!" I was so afraid. But I grew braver so I killed more aliens. I found that the captain of aliens was the squid. I went to my house and found out it was eating my laptop. I grew angry so I jumped on it and pound on it's eyes. It started to scream and it vomited all thing he ate. It was a big mass. Then I stab knives on it's face then kicked it out of my house. Then the aliens started to disappear. And the earth was saved.

But No ONe Except me was alive....

Everything was filled with blood and corpse...

I found out now the world is destroyed....

And do you know that?

You are son and daughters of aliens!

Brian Falkner Books