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the moon and the sun

By Pauline

Once upon a time there was a moon.
and the moon wanted to marry someone.
then he saw a preety sun.
he asked her to marry him.
and the sun said yes.
so they married and had a lot of babies.(they were all stars)
once when the sun was away the moon said to his children.
"do sty away from the su you might get burnt and die!"
so they didnt go beside the sun.
then the sun was sad.
cause her little babies were not coming close to them.
the next day the littlest star went close to the sun and got burnt and died.
the moon and the stars were all sad.
so they were crying.
and thats why they all twinckle..
its cause they remember of their brother.
then the sun had a babie sun.
she was very happy.

the end

Brian Falkner Books