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Stargazing: The star seeker

By Anonymous

Chapter one: The dream
Samantha opened her eyes. Nick was gone but her face was still bleeding. She wanted to put a hex on her brutal cousin. She was a star summoner and in her second year at Twilight Mage. Samantha stood up. Her long, black hair danced around her legs. She ran back to the Grey's because if she was home after Nick she would have to do the dishes. She got in nearly ten seconds before Nick did. She rushed into the living room to find the Grey's had guests. "Well girl introduce yourself" Uncle David spat at her. Her eyes fell on the girl on the couch. She walked over and flicked of the girls blue hat. "I hear you got a certain horrible on your exam," Samantha said. The girl suddenly looked through her bag to find the star shaped envelope containing her exam results. The girl stood up but instead of trying to punch her (like most kids would have done she) hugged Samantha. Luna looked as if she had just been hit with a smiling hex.By the time Samantha got Luna off her Nick had come in "what! You actually have friends! I meen who would actually want to be friends with you," Nick said glaring at Luna. "us," someone said behind them and Matthew got up off the couch with Phoebe following suite. "And are you freaks like her aren't you star summers or what ever your called,"
Before anybody could answer Nick, Samantha fell to the floor unconcious.....

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