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The Hebron Gang

By Elisha Smith

One day the french girl called gaby came for her first day at hebron cristian colledge, she wasnt realy french its just her great grandfather came from france, she was actualy born in new zealand,well it wasnt long before she started wearing her black beret, she had been wearing it for awile when somebody wispered to her "Hey why are you wearing a beret dont you know what happens to people who wear berets here?" she answered "No? What are you talking about." the mysterious person whispered back "Anybody who wears a beret the hebron gang will steal it and keep on taking stuff for a month" gaby exclaimed "Who is this hebron gang? Why hasnt anybody done anything about it?" The mysterious person replyed "They are some of the toughest kids in the school but they will bully anybody who tells anyone who they are will get bashed ive already said to much" The mysterious man walked away.What was he talking about she wondered.Well just as he said they stole the beret but it wasnt just any beret they stole it was her favorite beret so she only wished she could get it back.

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