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Time poem

By Allie McGregor

I am the letter posted in the mail.
I am the rain, thunder, lightning and hail.
I am the bride under the wedding veil.
I am the cackling like voice of an old lady.
I am the yes the no and the maybe.
I am the howl of an injured wolf.
And through the shadows I do cry
Through life and death, immortal I
The dreaded music, the stage does lie
In wait
I, time shall control you.
Tell you tales of old and new.
I time am beginning middle and end.
The letter is sent; my words now penned

Well the teacher did tell us to write a poem about time!

I don't mean to brag not at all! But apparentley I'm great.
Yr7 in enrichment english and math. and just fixed the school computer system,i read,on average, three chapter books a week and have just written a 2 hour play!

Teachers pet! Huh! I hate teachers and they havn't gone near me till now my golden year I used to sit at the back of the class never get A's or stars or certificates. But suddenly I get everything right like that poem on time straight A.

now most people would adore this stroke of luck but not me I enjoyed being invisible i'm not pretty and i'm definitley not thin boys don't like me though i like one heaps. his names sam..............................................

Based on my true story
poem written by me

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