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Annoying things

By Marta

Have you ever experianced something anoying, that you can't stand? Well, here in this story you will get some examples. There are many annoying things, but the most annoying thing is smaller siblings asking to many questions or asking to play with you. Which brings us to our story...

"Sally!!Come here!" screamed Annabell, holding her barbie in one hand.
" No, I am not coming!" replied Sally, from the other end of the house.
"Mum! Sally won't play with me!!!" screamed Annabell,louder than ever.
"Sally, play with your sister, do me a favour, please?" asked thier mum gently.
Sally,knowing if she disagred bad things would come, rolled her eye's, stood up and murmed "this is torture..."
As she walked to her sister's room she saw barbie's on the floor.
"Oh no, not the barbie's!!!shouted Sally.
What toture!!!

So as you see little siblings (especialy smaller sisters) are torture. They might be cute but they are evil...beware.

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