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The Alien Thing

By Mikey

Oliver crept into the woods. Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light. He tried to run back to his house but was frozen in his tracks. He saw a strange human form in a black cloak. "Who or what is it?" he thought to himself. This strange figure lunged towards him with one giant step. At the same time his sister, Sarah, was being frightened by a white cloaked figure at their house. Sarah, a quick thinker, said, "Who are you and why do you come here to scare me?" White cloak replied, "I am here because I was being chased by Black Cloak. Where is the young lad I saw with you earlier?" "Do you mean my brother? He went to the woods to play in his tree house."she said. "He must have been frozen with fear by black cloak, the evil dark alien." said White cloak.... the rest of the story to come.

Brian Falkner Books