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Supa Kid and the maths teacher Mr Walker

By James McCusker

Me=awesome Mr Walker=incredibley evil other people=love me!
one day boom! "that wasnt meant to happen yet give me some time to talk about the start" anyway my name is James McCusker i am also supa kid and my sworn enemie is Lex Walker the evil maths teacher and BOOM thanks, right on time! I(my stunt dummie) flipped out of my window i landed in some sort of crater on an icey cold planet wizzam! cool i got some red and blue tights and...and... im floating? thats all i get is floating in mid air did i get laser eyes or hot dog vision or anything? my but feels like its burning ohh it is Yawn wait what? my buts on fire ahhhhhh! stop screeech! drop plop! and roll wish! wosh! tssss! its off me yay anyway i got other powers do you get it? ok blaa blaa blaa! done! ok the climax i know your one weakness supakid! cryptomaths ahhh ahhh owch! i..i....i surender. to late supa kid Maths is like crytonyte to you except its crytomath mwahaahaahaa!!!! but i know your weakness Mr walker hot dogs zap! must resist nice juicey hot dogs mmm muma give me some hot dogs (he runs for the hot dogs out of my hot dog vision!) now time for your dayley dose of fist punch puff! pow! bam! finish him off Ms Burboruogh!

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