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The Camp Adair Crate Challenge

By Brie-anna

I Marched triumphantly across the crunchy yellow grass that was Hugh Lambie Village following our instructor Rob like ducklings he lead us under the high ropes, through blue village and down the hill where we goggled at the milk crates stacked up in 12 piles 2 to each pile we then divided into 2 teams I was with Strong Josh, Normal Christina, Dreamy Sarah and Smart Harrison we picked Josh to be our stacker as he was the smallest he marched over to Rob and put his helmet and harness we then started stacking the crates Josh was very fluent with catching.It was my turn to hold the tower I let go it toppled over with a deafening crunch right on my head "Good 12 crates" Rob chuckled sarcastically as he clipped Josh off we then strutted over to the sign marked "Bushmans Boogie" what ever that meant.It was finally our turn we picked Megan to swap with Christina we also picked Sarah to go on top and Josh to throw.Harrison,Megan and I made up a new technique called "hug the crates".Rob finally yelled "times up" so me and Josh head butted the tower it fell down with another Deafening Crunch! "how many crates"I panted leaning on Rob "16" he said smiling my eyes all most fell out of my head!.The second team then finished we walked silently except for the crunching of the grass back to our camp to have lunch.

A Recount and a True Story!

Brian Falkner Books