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It was a sunny day, blue sky, breeze gone and warm air, peaple with melting ice creams were every where, including me the sticky goodness ran down the cone onto my hand and down my arm melting quickly splat the cone had no ice cream on it any more.

We were at a great island called kawau i have to say every time we come here on a hot day or a cold day even, we always get cold frosty boy ice creams that you will see about 2 ice cream splats on the ground or hot crispy chips that are eatin with delight, we are at mansion house bay, kawau is very big and there is a old mansion were a very important family lived in tabout he 1800-1900 they made it into a hotel with a swimming pool at first now it is just a tourist atraction any way back onto how my ice cream splat on the ground spirnkle face first, they can melt easy and we were walking back to the thunder cat i went to lick my ice cream and my freinds were laughing and then i saw my ice cream flat on its sprinkle side lying on the ground and if u go and tell the people at the reasturant that it fell off they are sure to give you anothor free one but they have to belive you first well they belived me of course it happend about 4 times over the last 2 years.

There is wallibies there you can go through the mansion and there is a few walks around mansion house bay me and my friend got lost about a year ago we just followed the track we werent scared or anything we had ice creams with us too so that was good we were only lost for like 20 minutes we kept taking the wrong path we have done that a few ttimes and when we camt to mansion house bay for a walk on our year4 camp we had just come out of the mansion and i was still curious so i lent on a unstable bench next to the wind and the bench fall over and flicked my toenail of it was real gross but i did not want to leave and my dad rang my mum up the day after it happend and said that my older brother broke his arm playing with his skate board and my mum told my dad what happend to me! I still did the adventure wire really high up and the tyre swing it was still the same even though i hadd a bandage for the rest on the camp it was still great and i never forget whereand when it happend whenever we go there i always menchion it !haha! There is lots of trees which means lots of birds and there is a little shelter thing over in the far cornere of the field (where the reasturant and mansion is) there is a bird sequance thing it has a feather of the bird and tells you what noises they make it pretty cool we sometimes eat our ice creams there and you always see one of the birds around somewhere one half of the shelter is bird stuff the other half is about the island and mansoin and wallibies which is really cool it tells you stuff that i didnt know before but i learnt it like 7 years ago!

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