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Leeroy is born

By lee joyce-burden

In England one sonny day a boy named Leeory was born. This was special because he had a halo when he was born. Everyone was silent for about 30 minutes. He was god's son!!! a man said.

Then his mum said no he is just a child.

Lets kill god's son every1 said. But his mum and dad ran away then they put the halo on a duck.

Then a man saw the glow and ran after the duck.

When the man caught the duck. he said damn the kid is smarter then we thought. He did the duck on the halo trick like jesus did.

when we catch him i will rip his head off personally.

That isnt very nice another man said.

true true but that means your one of them the leader said.

One of who you u dummy?

ohhh never mind just come!!! on the leader said loudly.

okay okay he replied.

They continued throught the woods and came across a bear So they ran away but the bear came after them. They could'nt out run it. so they... ...throught rocks at it until it died and then used the meat as food.

Mean while god's son was making his way throught the same woods and came across a river and pulled out 30 salmon and made a fire and cooked the fish. but burned 4 of them.

In the morning they came to a village well realy a god camp where they worship god and the kill anyone who tries to get unless u can say god's oath which u would know if u had ever been to church. There was a guy called otto godbless and he could talk to spirits but that is another storie. anyways back to the hunters they wen't to the camp and seen the baby and the baby zapped them well realy god did.


made buy lee joyce-burden.

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