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Case of the missing SOCK!?/

By Idreis Abdo

once upon a time there was a boy called William,
one day he had to wear his socks and then it happened...
he saw weaird socks he hated but not the one he wanted,
he decided it was time for well i dont really know but lets call it i dont know ok?
anyways back to the story,
so when he was on his suit he smashed the socks draw scanning with his eyes where his socks were but it was nothing but socks and broken wood too and then uh oh...
his mum came with i big well pie for some reason and then when his mum saw the mess he got the pig and used it as a stick to hit him and then the pig did proppings on the floor and she said im not cleaning that,
then she got tired and then his mum accidently sat on the pie and the pie ran to well lets just say she ran to pie land and ate some pie building and got arrested by pies with body's,
Chapter 2:
i dont know what this is about
when his mum went to well pie land William started looking for the sock,
it was a busy day and it involved:
going to toilet and drinking i rule juice,
he nearly gave up untell he saw the thing,
(if you wondering what 'the thing' is well its i dont really know)
the thing was 5 feet tall and the feet was the size of sky towers,
his body was the hight of 2 sky towers and he was mad,
lets change the thing to the sock dude and back to the story,

will he be able to survive the stinky the sock dude and survive from his power,

to be continued...

be sure to see a new book coming soon from me when this story is done.

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