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Can We Live Without Food?

By Laura

The snow was softly falling on the roofs of houses. Lily was sitting in the lounge room watching TV with a warm blanket wrapped around her. She was drinking a hot chocolate and listening to the snow dripping on the concrete. Slowly she fell asleep.

She was woken by her mum - “Lily darling we need to go shopping - we’ve run out of food!” She noticed the sound of the snow was heavier. Lily ran upstairs and got dressed. Her mum checked the weather to see what clothes they should wear. She also looked at the news. It said that the roads were blocked because there was a blizzard. “Oh no,” she said. “What can we do? Can we live without food?”

Lily’s dad was stuck at work the and dog wasn’t getting enough exercise. The dog’s water was freezing up. The poor dog - she was only a puppy. Lily was stuck inside until this blizzard stopped. No homework; that was good and bad for her. It was bad because she would get bored and good because she did not have to do work.

They had some food. They had milk from the cow, eggs from the chicken and some flour and beans in the fridge. Lily’s mum made a cake with all the ingredients. It took her days to make a real cake. Finally, she made an edible cake. It was a weird colour but it was DELICIOUS! They had a quarter of it each day to get them through. They also had cheese, which they made out of the milk. They had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Lily’s mum told her that it was like when she was younger, when they didn’t have enough money to buy food.

A few days later they had eaten the whole cake. So they made another cake. It was exactly the same except it didn’t have flour. Without the flour, it was even more delicious. Later that night Lily’s dad called them to see how they were going. They decided to save a piece for him – he was definitely going to be hungry.

They had been stuck at their house for three entire days. They were running out of cake. The chicken wasn’t laying any eggs. The cow wasn’t making any milk. What were they supposed to do? They had gone for a drive to Melbourne a few weeks ago and there were some baked beans left in their bags. The baked beans were cold but they at least something to eat.

Lily’s dad’s work had a blackout and he was stuck there in the dark with nothing to eat, nothing to do, no warm bed and his phone wasn’t working.

Meanwhile at the house they had run out of baked beans - now they had absolutely nothing to eat. Lily was worried - what could they eat?! A few days later Lily got sick from not eating enough and she caught a bug. She did about three vomits in one day and was hungry. She was also missing her dad and he was homesick.

The snow was getting deeper and deeper and all the plants were dying. That night Lily dreamt that her dad magically appeared and he brought some food home. When she woke up, she knew it was too good to be true.

She woke up early the next morning and saw the shadow of her dad behind the door. She ran up to him and squeezed him tightly. “Dad, you must be hungry! If you are, Mum made some delicious cake and we saved some for you,” said Lily
“Ok where is it?” replied her dad.
“In the fridge.”
Five minutes later Lily’s mum came downstairs. She saw her husband Michael eating his cake and hugged him. That night they lit the fire and watched a movie. The next morning all the roads were cleared up and Lily and her mum went shopping while Michael walked their dog.

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