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Spoiled Rotten

By Isabella

And now it's time for the tale The Poor Little Princess. Once upon a time, there lived a poor little princess. Now, the poor little princess was not technically poor. In fact, she was quite wealthy. She had chests full of jewels, closets full of clothes, and limousines and yachts and private jets... "Ahem!!!" Sorry, Your Little Majesty. The poor little princess was poor, because, she felt poor. And the reason she felt poor was, her subjects did not appreciate her. They accused her of selfishness and greed, but she did not understand.
"Do they think I do this for me? No! I do it for them! *Sob, sob*"
Yes! She does it for... Wait a second, how does that work exactly?!
*The princess gasps*
"First of all, these clothes are so my subjects have something pretty to look at. Second of all, my million dollar parties are so my subjects have something fun to read in the newspaper. And third of all... third of all... well, aren't two things enough?"
I suppose. How about we just call you "The Little Princess"? You ARE that.
"How about I call you FIRED?!"
*Narrator sighs*
Snow White warned me not to take this gig. *Mumbles to himself*
"Uh... hello? Narrator? Listen, I was joking! I was only trying to give you a good laugh." *Laughs nervously to herself* Narrator? Narrator!!!"

(To be continued...)

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